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Human Resource Management System (HRMS)


HRMS.PH™ helps your organization optimize employee attendance keeping. Purely web-based, meaning it can be accessed anytime - anywhere.

The application can be accessed through a browser, preferably Google Chrome. Once logged in, the user will be redirected to a user-friendly interface showcasing different tools for Daily Time Record (DTR) management. The user must first be able to input correct login credentials to be able to view the tools that the system has to offer. The user will also have access to many available functions in the application, including the generation of automated DTR’s and viewing of different employee profiles and many more.


What it can do?

User Friendly

The interface can be easily understood. Navigating through the system won’t be a problem.

Precision of Records

It provides automated daily time records in real-time punch in and punch out of employees.


Easy Record Keeping and Retrieval

Auditing will not be a problem because time records can be retrieved instantly in the application, eliminating the long process of having to check individual logbook/time card.

Completely Customizable

You organization will be able to customize the app according to their needs. Users can even change the color of the system

Even more great features


201 Files

Aside from basic employee details, your HR staff can also securely store advanced information of employees like information from their children, personal references, employement history, educational background, character references and upload photos of certificates, seminars and other files from employee - therefore reducing space and maximizing efficiency


Payroll System

Reduce Error, Increase HR Efficiency! A simple accounting error with payment processing could yield considerable financial expense for your organization, Instead of time consuming paper works, Your HR Team can now focus on performance and metrics analyis of every employee to improve efficiency and productivity.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Employee are happier with time and attendance systems because they guarantee timely and accurate records.


HR admins are able to access and view employee records anytime, anywhere


Stores data on the cloud making data more secure and less prone to physical damages.

Improved Compliance

Employees cannot forge/tamper their time records because of the biometric devices.

More and more extra great feautres

User Support

The web App offers comprehensive User Support or Manual that can help HR Staffs along the way of doing more.


Create flexible time schedules for your employees. May it be a irregular shifts to a regular schedule. The Web App can provide you an easier handling your workers' agenda or timetable.


Generate reports like DTR Summary Report Printout, Employee 201 Files Printout, Payroll Slip, Missing Logs Report, and a lot more documents.


Have a faster and more efficient way or recording and tracking your employees attendance, Our device gives you a better type of control over employees' time attendance.

Biometric Devices

Offers you an automated daily time record keeping system powered by biometric devices



  • 3,000 Fingerprints
  • 10,000 Cards
  • 100,000 Attendance Logs
  • 10,000 Users


  • 10,000 Fingerprints
  • 30,000 Cards
  • 200,000 Attendance Logs
  • 10,000 Users


  • 3,000 Fingerprints
  • 10,000 Cards
  • 100,000 Attendance Logs
  • 10,000 Users

These devices can be mounted anywhere conveniently for the employees to record time. It can be easily set up by enrolling fingerprints of employees into the device. Then employees just need to scan their fingerprints with regards to the device that the organization is using, in order to log into or log out of their working hours. The validated date and time will then be recorded in the web app for reference of the human resource staff.

These two elements work together for the entire operation of the system. Whatever is scanned on the Biometric device will then be sent to and saved in the web app. Lists of the DTR’s will be available to view real time on the system.

Eliminates time theft

Employees will not be able to tamper with their time records because it is automatically generated once they record date and time through their fingerprint recognition

Prevents Buddy Punching

Since the biometric device recognizes each unique fingerprint every employee, there will be no chance of proxy punches.


Instead of punching in time cards or signing log books which take a lot of time, employees now only have to scan their fingerprints. It also eliminates the problem of employees losing their time cards or forgetting their login code or password.

App Editions

Choose the right App Editions that suits your organization.

  • Demo
  • Book a free DEMO of HRMS.PH
  • Optional Biometric Device
  • 5 Maximum Users
  • 5 Maximum Employees
  • Basic Employee Details
  • Basic Reports
  • Advanced Reports
  • 201 Files
  • Payroll System
  • Lite
  • Purely Designed for Time Keeping
  • Unlimited Bio Devices
  • 100 Maximum Users
  • 20 PHP per Employee
  • Basic Employee Details
  • Basic Reports
  • Advanced Reports
  • 201 Files
  • Payroll System
  • Premium
  • Bundled with 201 Employee Records
  • Unlimited Bio Devices
  • 250 Maximum Users
  • 30 PHP per Employee
  • Basic Employee Details
  • Basic Reports
  • Advanced Reports
  • 201 Files
  • Payroll System
  • Pro
  • The Pro Edition with Payroll System
  • Unlimited Bio Devices
  • 500 Maximum Users
  • 50 PHP per Employee
  • Basic Employee Details
  • Basic Reports
  • Advanced Reports
  • 201 Files
  • Payroll System

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